Anders Martin Brunn
Anders Martin Brunn

    I see myself as an independent businessman, an artist, a designer, a Goldsmith and an entertainer that loves to become absorbed in the small details in whatever I'm working on at the moment.

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    I express myself by being as precise and pure as possible, and I find it very challenging and exciting to work with Trollbeads.

    In designing a bead, I try to combine humour and details with a certain amount of cuteness and it's important for me to integrate the hole into the design of a bead.

    Furthermore, I place great emphasis on incorporating the hole to the chain so that it becomes as natural a part of the bead as possible.

    I get my inspiration from the diversity of the world and from the quirkiness of everyday life.

    Martin with the soft deer eyes. Where else but in the zoo should we meet with the newlywed father, to take his pictures?


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