Fairy tales

    We're never too old for fairy tales. Find Jewelry that fits your favorite story or find the perfect gift for another dreamer.
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    Troll Anemone Pendant
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    Fantasy Necklace With Elf
    from 5,830.00 ฿
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    Dragon Clasp
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    Troll Anemone Earring Pendants
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    Enchanting Dragonfly Bead
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    Dancing Dragons Bead
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    Mermaid Memory Bead
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    Mermaid Reflections Bead
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    Shanghai Dragon Bead
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    Fairy tales and fantasy are close to the heart of Trollbeads. Imagine a fairytale cottage full of productive trolls and fairies creating stories and fantasies for you to wear. 

    In the Trollbeads Jewelry collections you can find all sorts of whimsical creatures to wear with your jewelry. Accessorize your look with magical Jewelry showing your love for fantasy and fairy tales with trolls, fairies, mermaids, or dragons. 
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    Trollbeads is the Jewelry brand that lets your fantasy play with high quality handcrafted jewelry. Find yourself a mermaid ring, where you can change the look by switching the bead it is holding securely on your finger.

    Get in touch with your inner princess and design a tiara for those very special occasions. Create a bracelet or necklace with the beads that represents your favorite fairy tale. Find a ring, pendant, bead or charm, that holds a special meaning for a good friend or an anniversary gift, telling the story of a shared fairy tale.